Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sanctum 2 - Towers

The release of Sanctum 2 is getting closer and Coffee Stain Studios started a while ago to make development updates on their blog and facebook page to visualize some of the main features of the game and how it differs from its' predecessor. Up until very recently these updates consisted of concept art (awesome concept art I might add:p) but now they've finally showcased some 3d stuff! Which of course makes me happy and proud because that's what I've been working on^^
These are three of the towers that will be available in Sanctum 2. For the rocket tower I had a good concept to work from (by Gustaf Tivander) but the other two are based on rough initial ideas from which I got to freestyle alot and develop the design myself with input from Gustaf.
The rocket and cannon tower have been textured by Emmy Wahlbäck.
I will exchange these lowres images with better ones a soon as I get them.

You can expect to see some breakdowns of these later when I get permission to show them:)
Hope you like them!